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About Us

Redistributing Wealth, Power, and Opportunity

F4GI is a 501(c)(3) public charity launched in August 2020 to prove a viable path to guaranteed income–direct, recurring cash transfers that support those who have been locked out of welfare programs and economic systems.

By building technical tools and political coalitions, we re-imagine the social safety net.

We partner with governments and communities in the fight for the political and economic liberation of all people.

Fund for Guaranteed Income

Our Team

We have deep, multi-functional experience building coalitions, leading campaigns, conducting research, and developing innovative software for government, Fortune 500 companies, and progressive movements.

Micah Clark Moody's headshot
Micah Clark Moody
Project Coordinator
Eli Berk-Rauch's headshot
Eli Berk-Rauch
Courtney Esteban's headshot
Courtney Esteban
Nika Soon-Shiong's headshot CC BY-NC-ND
Nika Soon-Shiong
Founder & Executive Director
Aja Brown's headshot
Aja Brown
Senior Strategist, Government Partnerships
Nicholas Salazar's headshot
Nicholas Salazar
Chief Operating Officer
Danny Bakewell's headshot
Danny Bakewell
Project Coordinator
Daphne Sigala's headshot
Daphne Sigala
Project Coordinator
Ysenia Bonilla's headshot
Ysenia Bonilla
Communications Associate

Our Pledge Partners

Authentic collaboration drives every step of our process—and its impact. Our partners join us in the pledge to build programs that are accountable and responsive to the communities we serve.

Government partners

Our Coalition

Collaborating towards a shared vision of liberation