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Our Work

Transforming Service Delivery with Urgency & Rigor

Communities across the nation need support. We send recurring cash transfers directly to families, build technology that supports government and community based programs, and power coalitions to support sustained policy-level change.

Fund for Guaranteed Income

It's not if, but how.

The impact of guaranteed income is no question.

Decades of research prove that unconditional cash transfers have significant, positive effects on poverty and financial insecurity, helping folks do things like keep their jobs or find better ones, cover essential bills like groceries and utilities, or care for their families. 

The F4GI Difference

Our platform offers:


Four payment options with automated payment disbursements, notifications, and reissue


Live chat and phone support in English and Spanish troubleshoots payment or participant issues


User-friendly portal where participants can manage payments and access resources


Instant platform invitations by SMS and email make enrollment a breeze


Admin tools for reporting and analytics, backed by industry-leading security, privacy, and compliance

Cash Transfers, Improved

Our research-based approach, community-designed technology, and rapid-response customer service team addresses bottlenecks to effective program implementation

How We Think

We use applied research methods to evaluate our programs, assess best practices, and improve future iterations–constantly improving on our path in pursuit of an income floor.