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Mothers Rising for Guaranteed Basic Income

guaranteed income program servicing mothers of south LA


In the heart of South LA, where the struggles of motherhood intertwine with wealth insecurity, a opportunity for growth emerges – the Mothers Rising for Guaranteed Basic Income. Created to uplift and empower mothers with children aged 0-5, this initiative seeks to break the chains of financial hardship that have long held these resilient women back.

In the revealing “Price of Motherhood” study conducted by Rising Communities in partnership with UCLA in 2020, stark realities unfolded. 85% of South LA mothers reported a monthly shortage of $443, and 77% revealed that financial stress took a toll on their mental health. An alarming 12% expressed a bleak outlook for their children’s future. These findings fueled a nationwide dialogue on the potential benefits of guaranteed basic income for those living in the United States.

Home ownership among mothers in south los angeles

Enter Mothers Rising for Guaranteed Basic Income, a lifeline crafted to provide direct support to these mothers, offering them a chance to reclaim control over their lives and finances. With children in tow, they navigate a world that has oftentimes overlooked their needs. This program, however, aims to be a game-changer.

About the pilot

The program aims to promote the long-term financial goals of mothers in South LA to build generational wealth. Participants will receive financial literacy courses, access to local providers, and connections to resources.


in South LA

$500/ MONTH

distributed to participants for two years

The Mothers Rising program, a beacon of empowerment, guarantees $500 per month for at least two years with no strings attached. But it doesn’t stop there. Participants are invited to partake in financial literacy courses, personal development opportunities, and gain access to community navigators connecting them with local resources.

The program’s impact is measured not just in dollars but in improved financial health, reduced stress, enriched childhood experiences, and the strengthening of a community that refuses to be silenced.

Mothers Rising for Guaranteed Basic Income is more than a program; it’s a testament to the resilience of mothers, a step towards a brighter future for families, and a collective stride toward breaking the cycle of financial hardship in South LA.

Ysenia F4GI comms. associate at the rising communities Fantastic futures panel
Who qualifies?

Live in Best Start Region 2 of South Los Angeles, including Watts/Willowbrook 90002, 90059 West Athens 90044, 90047 Broadway Manchester 90003, 90061 Compton 90059, 90223, 90220, 90224, 90221, 90222


Self-identify as a mother, including birthing people, biological or adoptive mothers, legal guardian, or have full caretaking responsibilities


Be 18 years old at the time of application deadline


Be pregnant or have at least one dependent child ages 0-2 at the time of application deadline, that lives more than 50% of the time with applicant mother/guardian/caretaker


Cannot be enrolled in any other GBI pilot program


Have a household income of up to 200% of the federal poverty line