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GROW Program


As the United States emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, local governments are focusing on sustained recovery efforts. Many philanthropic and government institutions are interested in understanding the impact of unrestricted monthly cash payments. Guaranteed income provides a unique opportunity to study the effects of unrestricted capital, while also highlighting the importance of community connections for improved financial and emotional well-being.

Who qualifies?


E-TANF beneficiaries are parents who have received TANF benefits for at least 60 months and experience circumstances that prevent them from securing and maintaining full-time employment.


All E-TANF beneficiaries who participate in the Work Ready workforce development program administered by JEVS Human Services.


Residents in the city of in Philadelphia


For many of our neighbors, the existing social safety net isn’t enough to meet their basic needs. This is why the Fund for Guaranteed Income delivers direct, recurring cash transfers as additional support. By providing long-term benefits recipients extra resources, GROW builds a path towards great stability and an expanded safety net
Nick Salazar


About the study

The city of Philadelphia selected researchers aimed at contributing to the nationwide movement dedicated to advancing recovery and long-term economic mobility for those most impacted by the pandemic and entrenched poverty. Their approach emphasizes people’s strengths and agency, while honoring the role of community. To accomplish this, they enrolled fifty-one participants from the JEVS Work Ready program; which provides employment-oriented services to individuals receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits, into a new guaranteed income pilot program. There’s an additional 250 expected in the control group for research study . The City of Philadelphia aims to learn how community, capital, and choice compare to traditional benefit programs in promoting family stability and mobility.

Read the GROW study literature review
Read the literature review

51 E-TANF recipients


250 E-TANF recipients


sent out in total


payments for one year