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Long Beach Pledge

Pledge 90813

Recovering after covid

The economic crisis brought on by COVID-19 has exacerbated pre-existing economic disparities. This is especially true for those living within the 90813 zip code in Long Beach, California – where 46.5% of residents fall below the poverty line.

There are 58,380 residents in the 90813 zip code with 65% identifying as Latinx, 11.5% Black or African-American, and 12.5% as Asian. 72% of all 90813 residents live within a multi-unit structure, 87.8% live in housing units that are renter-occupied, 46.5% have income below 150 percent of the poverty line, and 41.9% of those aged 25 and older are not high school graduates.

The city of Long Beach launched the Long Beach Recovery Act – a plan to fund economic and public health initiatives for Long Beach residents, workers and businesses. $51 million has been allotted to help economic recovery, $2 million of which will go toward a guaranteed income program and its evaluation.

Long Beach Pledge

The Long Beach Pledge will offer 250 people in the 90813 zip code the opportunity to receive $500 each month for 12 months. It will examine the impact of direct, recurring cash to  single income families and contribute to the national conversation on guaranteed income for all

Who is involved?

F4GI will be disbursing the monthly payments to those 350 participants using our payment portal. Our technology will be hosting the program’s website, portal, and customer service center.

The Economic Development Department will serve as the program’s coordinator and manage all interactions with LBGI partners. ED oversees a wide range of initiatives to aid in the economic recovery, including $12 million in direct relief contributions to nearby NGOs and companies.

Other City divisions that collaborate with LBGI include the Office of the City Manager, the Office of Equity, the Community Health Bureau of the Health Department, the Workforce Development Bureau of Economic Development (Pacific Gateway), and the Long Beach Housing Authority.

This is an amazing opportunity to invest in our community and get critical assistance to some of those with the most need.
Robert Garcia, Mayor of Long Beach


Pilot applications will go live by November. To stay up to date, visit

Who is eligible?


Residents in the 90813 zip code


Residents whose gross annual income for the household is below 100% of the federal poverty line.


Single headed households (where there is one income earner)

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